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Micro Middle Fossa Forceps--Alligators and Grasping Forceps

  Grasping Forceps  
5 mm x 0.6 mm
9 mm x  0.6 mm
  Straight Serrated ER.31.710 ER.31.720
Angled Up ER.31.712 ER.31.722
Curved Right ER.31.714 ER.31.724
Curved Left ER.31.716 ER.31.726

Micro Cup Forceps

1 mm 1.5 mm 2 mm 2.5 mm Oval
Straight ER.31.750 ER.31.760 ER.31.770 ER.31.780 ER.31.800
Angled Up ER.31.752 ER.31.762 ER.31.772 ER.31.782 ER.31.802
Curved Right ER.31.754 ER.31.764 ER.31.774 ER.31.784 ER.31.804
Curved Left ER.31.756 ER.31.766 ER.31.776 ER.31.786 ER.31.806

Micro Scissors

  Straight Vertical--Blades 4 mm length   ER.31.21
    Straight Horizontal--Blades 4 mm length  ER.31.210.H
  Angled Up--Blades 4 mm length   ER.31.215
  Angled Up Horizontal--Blades 4 mm length  ER.31.215.H
  Curved Right--Blades 4 mm length   ER.31.225
  Curved Left--Blades 4 mm length   ER.31.230

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